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Everything you need to run a successful salon business

Bookings, checkouts, payment terminal and quick settlements. All in one contract.


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Over 1000 hair, beauty and wellness companies are using Book Salon platform.



Booking, Scheduling, Calendar, Checkout system and Payment terminal

Book Salon is a payment service and online booking provider that specializes in hair, beauty and wellness companies. You will have all the tools you need to to run a successful salon business with Book Salon. More than 1000 salons already trust Book Salon platform.

  • Everything you need in one contract
  • All functions from one provider save time and facilitate reporting
  • The service is developed together with salon owners and entrepreneurs 
  • Get started for free with BASIC and upgrade to PRO if payment terminal and advanced features are needed
  • Quick and easy registration 
  • Chat support

Book Salon FREE

for BASIC needs

0 €

No monthly fees

Scheduling & Booking

Client registry

Chat-support (30 days)


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Everything you need from the same provider!

Book Salon PRO

All features and payment terminal

29 €

Monthly price per salon (inc. all users)

Scheduling & Booking

PRO appointments and checkout systems (PoS)

Yomani 3G payment terminal to the salon

Automatic client registry

Giftcards + Giftcard online shop

Stock management

Custom categories for services


Payment links and online pre-payments

Multi merchant support and quick settlements

Chat support (continuous)

+ and much more!


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Booking and Schedule Management

Manage easily your own working hours and bookings, create shift schedules for employees, or agree on working hours with other salon entrepreneurs. We offer the world's easiest 24/7 online booking page for your customers, which is easy to link to the company's website and all social media pages.


Manage your products and services effectively. Payments are received conveniently with an integrated Book Salon payment terminal. You can  print or send reports easily directly to your accountant from the system without having to reconcile cash register and payment terminal reports.

Modern payment services

Receive payments at your salon using Book Salon  will automatically be transferred from the checkout to the payment terminal. With online payments, you can send the customer a payment link instead of an invoice, charge a cancellation fee, and offer your customers a safe and hygienic way to pay in advance, for example on behalf of their children.

Safely stored in the cloud

Book Salon is usable on any device with an internet browser. You can use the system with a computer or smartphone. You don’t have to worry about backups and all your data is always stored in the cloud even if you change the device. Real-time information is also available on your daily, weekly and monthly sales, as well as of your customers.

Created for all Hair, Beauty and Wellness professionals


If you are a barber, hairdresser, masseur, physiotherapist, personal trainer, beautician, make-up artist, or any other wellness and beauty professional, then Book Salon is made just for you!

Book Salon is also in use at many hair and beauty schools, educational institutions and training centers. Ask more info

The Royal Beauty Spa switched to Book Salon and freed up 104 hours of salon owners time yearly

"The decision to change the system was influenced by the integrated Book Salon appointments, checkout and payment terminal and the resulting time and money savings. Before the Book Salon, I cleared up the mistyped receipts every Sunday for about two hours. In addition, as a Book Salon user, I save over € 1,000 a year in monthly payments compared to previous systems.  Book Salon as a whole is a high-quality and professional service also from my customer's point of view. "

Salla Priuska
Royal Beauty Spa

Salla Piuska

Mymou discontinued many different paid services and switched to Book Salon

"I love the fact that the appointments, checkout system and payment terminal comes from the same company. Everything works together so well without unnecessary clicks and hassle. I save tons of time when I don't have to reconcile reports from different systems and try to make then match. The service level has been really good from the beginning to today and the online chat support is excellent."

Minttu Kjelin


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Book Salon gives you all tools you need for running a successful salon business!

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Easy self-service booking for your customers

Customers can book and manage their own times at the salon's own online booking system, which is easy to link to the company’s web and social media pages. The booking page is also optimized for use on mobiles.



Grows with your company

Add as many employees as you need without the extra charge and see the calendars of all other employees in your company and add appointments to them. If you fall ill, you can easily cancel or refer customers to other employees in the company. Book Salon connects people in the salon!

Book Salon VISION

“Because the beauty and wellness industry employs innovative and entrepreneurial people, our mission at Book Salon is to offer the best possible digital tools for them as they deserve. We think entrepreneurs have to pay far too much for simple digital tools, and not enough has been invested in usability and automatization in the development of these tools. The different services do not work well together and entrepreneurs have to waste time reconciling reports and jumping from one service to another. That is what we are committed to change here at Book Salon”

Jonne Castrén
Founder of Book Salon



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